Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arum rips WBO: 'Why pay $150,000 for five dollar belt?'

Man your battle stations!

It looks as though promoter Bob Arum’s “surrender” in the battle over whether Manny Pacquiao should be fighting Miguel Cotto with the WBO welterweight title on the line was nothing of the kind.

His Top Rank headquarters in Las Vegas is turning into the Waffle House as Arum tosses and turns on the burning issue.

It appears that Arum, who flips and flops more than John Kerry ever did, really just intended to have a brief cease fire in the raging controversy which he now blames “the press in the Philippines and Michael Marley” for causing. Arum did admit that “now Manny is pushing the issue.”

I appreciate the plug, Bobola, but please add “of and” next time.

According to the Pinoy sports scribe, Arum repeated his odious and onerous assertion “that nobody in the US cares” if it is a world title bout.

OK, Uncle Bob, shoot the messengers if you must but be advised I now have over 20,000 men, women and children solidly lined up and reporting for duty in the Pacman Worldwide Army.

Arum spoke to Boxingscene’s Ronnie Nathanielsz and began hedging on his earlier vow to pay the approximately $340,000 in sanction and promoter fees for the Nov. 14. Out of other side of his mouth, Arum crowed about how the fight is almost soldout and how less than 3,000 seats will be offered to the general public.

A solid, deeply analytical piece by the Dean of all Filipino Journos, the estimable Recah Trinidad, really gets to the heart of the issue which is my valient effort to save Brother Arum from total embarrassment.

Arum being Arum--never forget his motto “yesterday I was lying but today I am telling the truth”--he then took a cheap shot at the WBO and its leader, Puerto Rican lawyer Paco Valcarcel.

Arum said he would talk to both fighters to see if they will fork over $150,000 each for “a belt that is worth five dollars.”

Valcarcel could not be reached for comment.

Arum is correct in asking the fighters to pay the sanction fee as that is boxing custom.

But he remains arrogant and dismissive about Pacquiao possibly winning a record world title in a seventh weight class.

What part of history don't you understand, Mr. Arum?

Pacman has already won six world titles in six divisions so supporters are calling this “Manny Pacquiao 7 for 7.”

Stay combat ready, troops, because that was no surrender by Arum, just a typically sneaky time out.

Until further notice, all leaves and weekend passes are canceled for the Pacquiao Worldwide Army.

Our mission has not ended.

Source: (July 29, 2009)

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