Monday, June 29, 2009

Freddie Roach: Cotto is Tough Match for Pacquiao but Winnable

Popular trainer Freddie Roach has admitted that Miguel Cotto is a tough fight for Manny Pacquiao but he said the fight is winnable.

Freddie Roach is now talking about the Pacquiao-Cotto match, an indication that the highly anticipated fight will indeed happen.

Yahoo news reports:

If Top Rank promoter Bob Arum succeeds in arranging the match between the pound-for-pound king and the Puerto Rican champion, the fight will take place on November 14 in Las Vegas. “The thing is, he's big and strong and he's young,” Roach said referring to Cotto. “I think it’s a hard fight for us, Cotto is a strong puncher.”

“It's a tough fight, but the way Manny is fighting right now, it's a very winnable fight for us,” he said.

Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Berestain, trainer of Juan Manuel Marquez predicts that Pacquiao will finish Cotto in six rounds.

"Cotto remained a little deteriorated after the fight that he had with Antonio Margarito. And to be up against Manny Pacquiao, with all due respect - since I respect and I admire Puerto Rican boxing, but I believe that Pacquiao should put him on the canvas in five or six rounds," he said.

Although Cotto is physically superior than the pound –for-pound king, Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach thinks that the fight is winnable. Cotto, who is bigger and taller than the pound-for-pound king, has just agreed to a catch weight of 144-145 as specified by Roach

In the meantime, a draft copy of the contract for the Pacquiao-Cotto match has been forwarded to Team Pacaquiao by Promoter Bob Arum thru Michael Koncz, Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser

It is expected that a contract for the staging of the fight between Pacquaio and Cotto will finalized in the next few days.

Source: (June 29, 2009)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fans early predictions Pacquiao will crush Cotto

BY: Albert Alvarez

Al, my man Pacquiao will crush your man Cotto in like 3 or 4 rounds. Easy fight for Manny. Too easy. Too much speed, Too much heart, too much power, just too much for Cotto. The Pacquiao Storm is the true welter weight Champion of the world. Eric Riverside, CA

So Pacquiao will knock Cotto out silly before the fifth round, is that right Eric? Really? Oh and Pacquiao is also the true welter weight champ, how is that so? When he only fought there once and that was only because he would be facing the real Cash Cow, Oscar De La Hoya. I love Pacquiao's style, I mean he is refreshing, he comes to fight, he is entertaining, is guts and heart, but you nor him can call Pacquiao welter weight champ of nothing. First you must fight and make weight at 147 and not drain your opponents to the bone by forcing them to fight at a lower weight that they are not accustomed to no longer making. I got to say that if Pacquiao/Cotto were to happen now, from what I have been hearing it would seem to me that Cotto would be a huge underdog in the fight. Here is some food for thought, if Pacquiao/Cotto were taking place at 147 how many still believe that Cotto would still be a huge underdog? If it were taking place at 147, I feel that the fight would be a little more even at the betting tables, it would be possible that Cotto may even have a slight edge. I got to tell you that at 143, it's Pacquiao all the way. At 144, it's Pacquiao's fight. At 145, assuming that Cotto can make the weight, it would be a close fight with the faster Pacquiao using the same plan he used against Oscar, the in and out assault, but in the end this time Pacquiao would know that he had just been in a real fight. At 146 or 147, I would take Cotto over Pacquiao. The Boriqua Bomber would use just enough movement and body work to cave in the Pacquiao Storm. One may ask, how will Cotto react when he gets hit flush by Pacquiao? Well, Cotto has already been hit by Ricardo Torres, Randal Bailey, Judah, Mosley, Margarito, and Clottey, minus the Margarito fight, Cotto survived all that. Now ask yourself this, how would the Pac Monster react when he gets hit flush by someone like Cotto? How would Pacquiao react to a Cotto brutal body shot? I think Freddie already knows the answer to those questions, which is why they want to have Cotto come in at a lower weight to take some of that power away.

Yo Albert, Bro come on now why no mention of Craig Mcewan on your young lions list? I agree with Andy Lee not being on the list since he got his ass handed to him by Vera, but Craig belongs on that list. Dennis B.

Dennis, When putting my list together, Craig did come to mind for a split second. Craig is a big guy that loves to get in there, what's not to like about that. Truth is that I don't feel that at this time he belongs on my list. My brother and I met and talked to Craig and Freddie Roach when they had a couple fights down in Tucson and I got to tell you that I really like Craig. Craig at the time mentioned to me how he realizes that he is very raw but under Roach he will get it together. To me at this particular time, Craig is still raw, he paws with his jab at times, he doesn't fully commit to that stiff jab of his. Let me ask you this, who wins right now between McEwan and Andy Lee?

Que pasa Pana, hey man I love that you put my boy Lara on that list. He will be the future of the sport. I am Cuban and I am not just saying that cause Lara is also Cuban. I say it because he is a force and you can already see it. I am glad to hear that you also see the same vision that I do for Lara. Temo Rodriguez

Hey Temo, I see your vision and I believe. Erislandy Lara is right up there with the Juan Manuel Lopez's, Jorge Linares's, and the Victor Ortiz's of my world. I was looking forward to watching Lara tonight on Friday night fights, not sure if you know or not but Luis DeCubas Jr. is telling me that Lara could not get his Visa in on time so he will not be fighting tonight. Well at least we get to see another guy that made my list, Daniel Jacobs.

Albert, on you hungry list, if you had to pair up one big fight between just those guys on your list who would it be? For me it would be Kirkland and Angulo. David, Las Cruses

David, Kirkland vs. Angulo would be very nice, but that fight may have lost some juice to it now that Angulo has a loss on his record. Seeing that fight between Angulo and Cintron made me see why Shaw wanted no part of the boxer defensive minded first , Ishe Smith. I am pretty sure that Angulo was not at his very best that night, and when you are not at your best and you are fighting a guy who fought at his best, well you know that you are in for a long tough fight. The fight for me would be Erislandy Lara vs. Fernando Guerrero. Dynamite in a ring.

Source: (June 28, 2009)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

MGM could land Pacquiao-Cotto Grand Garden expected to host Nov. 14 bout


Manny Pacquiao appears headed back to the MGM Grand Garden, the site of his two most recent victories.

The man considered boxing's pound-for-pound champion is looking at a Nov. 14 return against Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas. Top Rank chairman Bob Arum, who promotes Pacquiao and Cotto, said if the fight is signed, it likely will be at the MGM.

Arum said he also talked to Thomas & Mack Center director Daren Libonati about his facility hosting the fight.

"I wanted to give everybody a shot," Arum said Friday. "When I checked with the other casinos to see if they wanted it at the Thomas & Mack, they said it would be difficult for them. So we're going to the MGM."

Arum said negotiations are under way with the Cotto and Pacquiao camps, and he's going to take his time to make sure both fighters get what they want.

"What's the rush?" he said. "There's going to be some haggling, like there always is. But, eventually, we'll get it worked out, and by early July, everything should be set for what will be a great fight."

NEW MAYWEATHER DATE? -- Assuming Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s injured ribs heal quickly, his welterweight fight with Juan Manuel Marquez might be rescheduled for Sept. 19 at the MGM.

The original July 18 date was scratched after Mayweather was injured last week in training.

Richard Schaefer, chief executive officer for Golden Boy Promotions, said that date is available for the arena and for HBO, which is scheduled to present the fight on pay per view. Golden Boy promotes Marquez

"Right now, we're waiting to see what the doctor says," Schaefer said. "But I can tell you Floyd and Marquez will fight sometime this year. Whether it's September, October, November, I don't know."

Schaefer also said reports that advance ticket sales were sluggish for the original date were erroneous.

"I have the reports right in front of me, and there have been $5.5 million in sales already," Schaefer said. "That's ahead of the pace that Pacquiao and (Ricky) Hatton did at the same time frame. So all that talk (that) the fight isn't selling is a lot of bull. It's all the Floyd haters making stuff up."

SOUTH POINT CARD -- The South Point will hold a boxing show July 3, promoted by American Boxing, with Las Vegas' Layla McCarter defending her WBA and Global Boxing Union female lightweight titles against Fujin Raika in the main event.

McCarter and Raika fought seven years ago in Tokyo, with McCarter winning an eight-round majority decision.

Source: (June 21, 2009)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pacquiao Fans Outraged By Catchweight Stance

By Juan Angel Zurita (June 19, 2009)

Earlier this week I wrote an article where I stated that if Manny Pacquiao convinces established welterweights Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley to face him for their welterweight titles at any weight below 147 (welterweight limit), he should be criticized just like many have criticized Oscar De La Hoya throughout his career for performing similar catchweight tactics.

Apparently, the stance I took didn’t bode well with Pacquiao supporters.

A significant number of Pacquiao fanatics respectfully countered with arguments that Pacquiao is the exception because unlike those fighters he’s a smaller fighter tackling bigger challenges. Therefore, Pacquiao requiring the catchweight is simply a way to create a level playing field.

When De La Hoya fought Hopkins for middleweight supremacy, De La Hoya made Hopkins face him at a catchweight of 158 lbs. Hopkins was clearly the bigger man and De La Hoya hoped the agreed upon concession would weaken Hopkins thus giving him an advantage in the ring.

I had always been a De La Hoya supporter, but a part of me felt he was cheapening the intended accomplishment.

However, in light of recent reflection, I curbed my sentiment regarding this subject. Call it a vision, edification, confucius enlightenment.

After deep ponderance, I concluded that De La Hoya wasn’t cheapening the intended accomplishment. De La Hoya, the much smaller man, was just looking for peace of mind through having a perceived advantage going into the bout. Some of the greats have been known to do this. And honestly, it’s a very intelligent tactic to use. Not many fighters have had that type of wielding power and the few who have are some of the greatest fighters to ever come around.

In Pacquiao’s case, it’s not quite Armstrongesque, yet it’s still quite a feat considering that Pacquiao captured his first world title at flyweight.

All that said, it is extremely imperative that we take into consideration the level of opponent being fought at the catchweight.

Facing Miguel Cotto, a battle-tested, proven, top welterweight, at a catchweight is impressive either way you cut it. Anything over 140 is welterweight, right?

Further, Pacquiao is great, no question, but when is enough, enough?

He’s the only fighter in the history of boxing to ever prove himself as world class from flyweight to junior welterweight. The ride has got to begin to finally end somewhere, right? Why not be cautious?

He’s a rare breed indeed.

Despite the fact that he won his first title at flyweight, the smallest original eight divison of em’ all, in recent years Pacquiao has completely annhiliated the latter part of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s resume.

That’s scary impressive.

More impressively, by facing Cotto, he’ll once again upstage Mayweather by facing a fighter Mayweather previously avoided at all costs. If he wins in devastating fashion, will Mayweather even sign the contract if he gets by Marquez?

By the way, if Pacquiao is the new ‘Duran’, shouldn’t his Leonard, Hagler, and Hearns be out there? Perhaps he’s already faced a few of them? The names Barrera, Morales, Mayweather, Marquez, Mosley, and Cotto all sound extremely respectful, don’t they?

That’s definitely something to think about.

Bring on Pacquiao/Cotto.

Source: (June 19, 2009)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mosley Or Cotto For Pacquiao?

By David A. Avila

A press conference held to hype Top Rank’s Latin Fury X card quickly changed cue cards to: Who will fight Manny Pacquiao?

All of the principles for the upcoming fight card were upstaged by a more important battle to determine who fights the man considered Pound for Pound champion Pacquiao. On one side is Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto. On the other side is California’s Sugar Shane Mosley.

Bob Arum, who heads Top Rank the company that promotes Pacquiao, wants Cotto.

“It would be a terrific fight,” said Arum to the dozens of journalists gathered at the Mexican restaurant on Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles.

Mosley doesn’t think so.

“Pacquiao doesn’t want to fight Cotto, he wants to give me a deal,” said Mosley by telephone on Friday afternoon. “He will make a whole lot of money fighting me in the Staples Center. A lot of Filipinos live in California and they will go to the fight to see if the Mexican Assassin can be beat. A lot of people say basically I’m half Mexican cause I’m from California anyway.”

It seems to be a regional battle with many boxing fans in the east pulling for Cotto and boxing fans in the west pulling for Mosley.

Mosley says a survey should be constructed to prove his point. He believes boxing fans, especially Filipino boxing fans, would rather see their hero Pacquiao tested against Mosley.

Though trainer Freddie Roach had told TSS that he preferred his charge Pacquiao to fight in December, the Filipino superstar fighter apparently has plans to run for government office again in his country.

“Manny is running for office and needs to fight in November,” said Arum, adding that Pacquiao has not signed any contract to fight Cotto at the moment. “After he fights in November he can run for president if he wants.”

The last time anyone heard from Pacquiao he told a reporter in the Philippines that he would accept Mosley’s challenge if negotiations went well. But Arum wants to place Cotto and Pacquiao together, especially since both fight under Top Rank’s banner.

Mosley says more money can be made if he fights Pacquiao.

“It’s almost a no brainer. I don’t know how people can dispute it,” said Mosley who is currently in Big Bear. “He might as well go out with a bang against the number one welterweight champion, me.”

Arum, who is a genius of a boxing promoter, suggested that Clottey and Mosley would be a good fight. Most of the boxing writers think it would too, but would it fill the Staples Center?

Arum honestly agreed it would not.

Mosley says he will not fight anyone except Pacquiao or now injured Floyd Mayweather. He also is adamant that Cotto should not be among those considered to fight the Pound for Pound champion.

“I would say you can give a case for Mayweather, but not for Cotto. He still doesn’t deserve the position or that match,” Mosley said. “Cotto still needs to figure out if it was Margarito or the hand wraps that beat him. Personally, I think Margarito beats him again in a rematch. They should fight each other again.”

Mosley the matchmaker says a Margarito-Cotto rematch is intriguing.

“People want to see if Margarito’s win was real or not. I want to see it,” confessed Mosley. “Cotto’s people blew it up (the possibility that Margarito used loaded gloves in their fight last summer) so big, so why don’t they fight each other early next year. That’s a pay-per-view fight.”

Simply put, Mosley says the battle for pound for pound supremacy belongs to those considered among the best. That means Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao who is number one and Mosley who is ranked as high as number four on some Pound for Pound lists.

“Let's get this ball rolling so I can go to camp and he can go to camp. Let's get this show on the road and stop playing around,” said Mosley. “Everybody knows Manny is a warrior like me. He wants the best.”

Source: (June 20, 2009)

Cotto whips adversity for shot at Pacquiao, then revenge

By Norm Frauenheim
Special to

Adversity, Miguel Cotto's stubborn foe for the past year, never had a chance. He looked it in the eye, stared it down and countered with poise in the face of lingering questions about his lone loss to Antonio Margarito, a nasty split with his ex-trainer and a bloody night that ended in a tough decision over Joshua Clottey on June 13.

Cotto has overcome, although I'm not sure he can all over again in a pound-for-pound showdown, possibly on Nov. 14, with Manny Pacquiao. There were moments in the split decision over Clottey when adversity's toll -- wear and tear and Sugar Shane Mosley -- began to display some inevitable symptoms on Cotto's bloodied-and-beaten face. He might be a step beyond his prime. We'll see soon enough. But I won't bet against him, simply because of his evident courage and versatile ability to think through a very tough fight.

However, plans for the second fight in the post-Clottey stage of Cotto's career makes me stop and pause. His Top Rank promoter, Bob Arum, wants a rematch with Margarito, when and if Margarito can get a new license after it was taken from him by California for trying to turn his gloves into a loaded weapon before a January loss to Mosley in Los Angeles.

Yes, Cotto said after his narrow victory over Clottey at New York's Madison Square Garden, Margarito is "a possibility."

For Arum, it is a financial windfall or two more than just that.

"Huge," said Arum, who also promotes Margarito.

The marketing angle is undeniable. Revenge sells. Cotto has repeatedly said he doesn't know whether Margarito's gloves were altered a year ago in Las Vegas. But the public suspicion, right or wrong, is that they were.

After what I saw in Cotto against Clottey, I'm more convinced now than ever that Margarito's gloves were loaded with fatal potential. With blood streaming into one eye after a head butt in the third round, Cotto fought on against Clottey. From the fourth through the 12th rounds, there was never any sign of surrender. Cotto is no quitter, yet he quit in the 11th against Margarito. It was out of character. It makes sense only when placed within the context of what was later discovered before opening bell in Margarito's loss to Mosley.

A rematch would be Cotto's chance at some payback. On the flip side, it is a way for Margarito to prove his upset was no fluke or felony.

My problem is this: It doesn't matter whether you believe Margarito when he says he didn't know what was being applied to his hands. The questions are there and always will be. In a rematch with Cotto, he would be rewarded for suspicions that sell. Arum has backed off his earlier plans to have Margarito fight in Mexico.

Instead, he said he would go through the California process, which includes an appeal. That's good news. If Arum had tried to sidestep California regulators with a Margarito bout in Mexico, suspicions would only have deepened.

But it's safe to say that there will plenty of controversial headwinds in Margarito's attempt to regain a license in California or any other state subject to regulation. There will be more than a few rival promoters and fighters -– you know who they are -– bound to object.

But in an eye-for-eye, mano-a-mano culture, that kind of controversy sells, too. There's a chance to get filthy rich, which all too often is the only thing that matters.

Notes, quotes and oddservations

• I believe Floyd Mayweather Jr. when he says damaged rib cartilage forced the postponement of his July 18 fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. I also believe he was relieved at the injury's timing. Reports indicate that early ticket sales for Mayweather-Marquez were slow. After Cotto-Clottey, Arum was skeptical about a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight because of Mayweather's mindset. "Psychologically”, Arum said, Mayweather can't risk defeat. For the last couple years, Mayweather has proclaimed himself as the pay-per-view king. Psychologically, he might also not be able to risk a box-office bust.

• A solid card is scheduled for Desert Diamond Casino south of Tucson next Friday, June 26. The Golden Boy card, its second at Desert Diamond this year, will feature New York middleweight Daniel Jacobs and junior-middleweight Ersilandy Lara, a 2008 Olympic gold medalist from Cuba. Heavyweight Deontay Wilder, who won America's only boxing medal -- bronze -- in Bejiing, is also on the EPN2-televised card.

• Pacquiao has been showing up everywhere, even Forbes. The magazine puts him on list that includes Tiger Woods as one of the world's high-paid athletes. After pay-per-view receipts were counted, he collected a reported $12 million for his victory over Ricky Hatton. According to the Filipino media, that's just $4 million short of the $16 million in foreign investments in the Philippines for February. No wonder they call him a national treasure.

• And the Los Angeles Times reports that Bernard Hopkins is interested in celebrating his 45th birthday in January with a fight, either against super-middleweight champion Carl Froch or cruiserweight champ Tomasz Adamek. Reaction: Wondering who Hopkins will fight when he turns 50.

Source: (June 19, 2009)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pacquiao too fast, strong for Cotto

By Abac Cordero

MANILA, Philippines – Even at 147 lb, the welterweight limit, Manny Pacquiao should have the upperhand against Miguel Cotto.

“Masyado mabagal (Too slow),” said a Team Pacquiao insider of the champion from Puerto Rico who has agreed to face Pacquiao on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas at a catchweight of 144 to 145 lb.

“Kahit sa 147 mahihirapan siya. Masyado mabilis si Manny. Tatamaan (Even at 147 he will find it difficult. Manny is too fast. He’ll get hit),” added the insider, referring to Cotto, the WBO champion.

Pacquiao agreed to fight Oscar dela Hoya at 147 lb last December, but weighed in at only 142 against Dela Hoya’s 145. On fight night, Pacquiao was 148 1/2, and the latter, 147.

It could happen again against Cotto – whether the fight is held at 144, 145 and yes, even 147. Pacquiao will simply use the same formula, weigh in at around 142 and climb the ring around 148.

At 148, Pacquiao will be as fast and as strong, or faster and stronger perhaps, than he was against Dela Hoya (out in eight rounds) or Ricky Hatton (out inside two rounds of the 140 lb contest).

Cotto has never weighed in lower than 146 lb in his last five fights. The last time he tipped the scales at 145 lb was for Zab Judah in June 2007, and he scored an 11th round technical knockout.

Cotto defended his 147 lb crown with a narrow and bloody split decision against Ghana’s Josh Clottey in New York last Sunday, and Pacquiao watched from ringside with his promoter, Bob Arum.

After the fight, Pacquiao asked Arum to set him up against Cotto, who looked so slow with his hands and feet. The only thing he proved that night was his ability to go on despite a nasty cut over his left eye.

Arum has opened his doors to the Cotto people regarding the fight. Negotiations are on and based on reports, both camps are close to striking a deal. It’s no longer the weight, but money matters, that’s keeping the fight unofficial.

“I was on the phone with Cotto’s people yesterday and I outlined to them the terms and points of the deal. I expect their response by the end of the week,” Arum told the Los Angeles Times.

Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser, Mike Koncz, flew to the US and is scheduled to sit down with Arum this Sunday. They will discuss the fight details, and what should be best for both fighters.

“Koncz will take that information to Manny next week, we’ll have further conversations then, and then likely put this thing to bed,” Arum was quoted as saying.

The ageless promoter said weight is no longer an issue.

“Cotto is a welterweight and the (his) nutritionist is saying the lowest he can go is 144. Manny will be fine with that. He doesn’t want a guy to get in there and injure himself by fighting at an unrealistically low weight,” Arum said.

Initially, Pacquiao and his trainer, Freddie Roach, wanted Cotto to go down to 142 lb for the fight to push through. But it’s a different story now, after what they saw at the Madison Square Garden last Sunday.

Source: (June 20, 2009)

Sugar Shane Mosley Interview—Manny Pacquiao will Make More Money Fighting Me!
Just as it seems like Miguel Cotto may get a shot at the great Manny Pacquiao. I wanted to speak to Sugar Shane Mosley, to get his take on that probable fight and also his potential showdown with Manny Pacquiao. Let it be known here, after speaking to Shane I realized that this fight to him wouldn’t be about money. (He discussed his portfolio with me, lets just say he will be fine regardless if he gets the Pacquiao fight) A fight with Pacquiao would be about legacy, then fans, and the people. Even though a fight may now be unlikely. Mosley, ever the fighter is not giving up, and he promises a fight with him will provide more money to Manny Pacquiao, and he says, “It is a no lose fight for him.” Answers are in bold.

Shane, how are you doing?

Mosley: I am doing well, just driving right now headed to a workout.

I heard you are a big Laker fan, did you get to see any of NBA Finals games at all?

Mosley: No I didn’t, I just watched. But I was happy to see Kobe and them win.

Now back to boxing, what are your thoughts about Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao? It seems to be a done deal almost?

Mosley: The fight does not make any sense to me. A fight with me will make more money. I know there have been numbers going on out there like Cotto making 5 or 6 million and Manny making 10,11 or 12. But in a fight with me, he will make more money. Bob Arum is being the puppet master putting this together, but Manny will make more money fighting me.

And why fight Cotto. He almost lost to Joshua Clottey. It was a fight that he easily could have lost. Cotto ran around the ring in the last few rounds. The fight with Cotto is not the best fight for boxing or fight fight fans, or Manny Pacquiao fans. It is the best fight for Bob Arum. Even if you look at Cotto’s gash, do you think it will heal in time? It might just open up again if he fights Pacquiao. The fans need to know that the best and biggest fight in boxing right now is with me.

There has been talk of a catchweight of 144 for Cotto, ironically the weight you disclosed a few weeks ago? Could you come down more?

Mosley: I am trying to make the fight happen. I threw a bone out to Pacquiao saying I would fight him at 144. I am the Welterweight Champion of the World, Cotto isn’t. I am the former Pound for Pound champion, Cotto isn’t. Pacquiao is the pound for champion. We should be fighting. Bob Arum is not letting this happen.

But would you fight him at say 143?

Mosley: You now what, it doesn’t matter, let’s say I say 143. Then Cotto will do 143, and then 142 and so on. It is a fight for the Welterweight championship, not the Jr. Welterweight championship.

I just can’t see how a guy who barely won, and a lot of people think he lost. I am one of them. Who gets a chance to fight Manny Pacquiao. I earned this fight.

Now back to this money thing. You are telling me that Manny Pacquiao will make more money fighting you, how so?

Mosley: It is a bigger fight. So there is more money out there. I am more well known then Miguel Cotto. You saw all the celebrities at my last fight. Yes there were a lot of fans out were there to see Margarito, but the celebrities were there to see me, because I am a legendary fighter. I shocked the world that night….I have been on more pay per views.

What do you say to people who say you are fighting for the money. And that that is only reason why you want to fight Pacquiao.

Mosley: I don’t need the money. I have money. Yes the money is nice. But I want to fight the biggest fights for the fans. The legacy fights. When I started fighting pro, I was fighting for $1,000, $2,000, but I didn’t care because I knew one day I would be world champion and my time would come. I love the sport, you can ask anybody. I love going to gym and sparring. I love what I do.

You spoke to Freddie Roach didn’t you about this fight possibly? Eloborate.

Mosley: Yes I talked to Freddie Roach before the Hatton fight. And he said he would rather have Pacquiao fight me because it is the best fight money wise and action wise. Manny would fight me at 147, but Freddie said I would have to come down a little. But he knows that fighting me is a much bigger fight then Cotto. There are 3 pound for pound champions, I used to be, Floyd(Mayweather Jr.) used to be. And Manny is now. I just want Bob Arum to stop lieing to Manny and the public. Manny Pacquiao versus me is a much bigger fight then Cotto.

Before Manny signs on the dotted line with Cotto, what would you say to him and his advisors?

Mosley: Do the right thing Manny. Fight the best fight for the fans, and the best fight for your legacy. You have nothing to lose by fighting me. There will be more prestige in fighting me then Cotto. I will enhance your legacy. Whatever Bob Arum money can offer you, I can offer more and then some.

Manny and me are the same. We will fight anybody. If he were to lose to me, I would give him a rematch. That is what I do, I am a fighter. I fought guys nobody would fight, Vernon Forrest, and Winky Wright. That is the same with Manny. You have every thing to gain by fighting me. It is a no lose situation.

In closing, what about a Thrilla in Manilla II? Would you fight him there?

Mosley: I would probably do something crazy like that. I would train in Big Bear though before I went. I don’t think I could train out there. The Philippines and the fans there are great and they love boxing.

Thanks Shane

Thank You.

Source: (June 19, 2009)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Arum: Pacquiao-Cotto fight weight would be 144-145 pounds

Boxing promoter Bob Arum was on Olvera Street on Thursday to hawk his Latin Fury 10 card July 25 at Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, headlined by the latest Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. bout (more on that later).

Since the boxing world's most fervent interest is in another Arum fighter, Manny Pacquiao, I asked him if there was any news on the negotiations to stage a Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto fight Nov. 14 in Las Vegas.

"I was on the phone with Cotto's people yesterday and I outlined to them the terms and points of the deal," Arum said. "I expect their response by the end of the week."

Arum said Pacquiao, meanwhile, has informed him again that he wants to fight Cotto. Arum has a Sunday meeting scheduled in Las Vegas with Pacquiao's U.S. business advisor Michael Koncz to discuss specifics of the deal.

"Koncz will take that information to Manny next week, we'll have further conversations then, and then likely put this thing to bed," Arum said.

Arum expressed confidence there will be none of the drawn-out drama that took place in the negotiations before Pacquiao's May 2 second-round knockout of Ricky Hatton.

One of the potential sticking points has already been defined, Arum revealed Thursday. He said a consultation with Cotto's nutritionist has made it clear the catch weight must be in the 144-145-pound range.

"Cotto is a welterweight and the nutritionist is saying the lowest he can go is 144," Arum said. "Manny will be fine with that. He doesn't want a guy to get in there and injure himself by fighting at an unrealistically low weight."

Cotto hasn't fought below 147 pounds in three years.

As for the more prickly subject of the purse split, Arum declined to discuss proposed percentages.

Meanwhile, for Shane Mosley followers, Arum said that although it continues to appear that the Pomona fighter will be deprived of Pacquiao and Cotto immediately, he'd like to arrange a title fight at Staples Center between world welterweight champ Mosley and Joshua Clottey, who fought Cotto to an entertaining split-decision Saturday night in New York.

"Nothing can be done until I finish with Pacquiao and Cotto first, though," Arum said.

Before that, there's Chavez Jr.'s upcoming super-welterweight bout against Maine's Jason Lehoullier. Chavez (39-0-1), a top-five contender by the WBC and WBO, is riding his name recognition and charisma to an estimated 75,000 to 100,000 pay-per-view buys for his Latin Fury appearances.

The July 25 show will also feature unbeaten featherweight Yuriorkis Gamboa and unbeaten lightweight Urbano Antillon (26-0, 19 KOs) from Maywood.

Although the wait for a Chavez Jr. title fight is testing the patience, Arum has done something about it: He's hired West Los Angeles trainers Jon Jon Park and Todd Rushworth of Legacy Gym to make his prized prospect more fit.

The trainers' task is to keep Chavez Jr. under 160 pounds and put him on a routine that accounts for fitness, diet, rest and supplements. Next week, Chavez Jr. will be sent for the first time to train in the high altitude of Big Bear.

"He's young, but he's trainable," said Park, who added that the fighters he's worked with are 28-2. "It's an awakening for him, but he's willing to do it. That's the key."

-- Lance Pugmire

Source: (June 18, 2009)


18 June, 2009 by Jarrad Woods

New York, NY- Manny Pacquiao (49-3-2, 37 KOs) was ringside at Madison Square Garden for the Joshua Clottey vs. Miguel Cotto match Saturday night. Seated next to his promoter Bob Arum, who also promotes Cotto, this gave Manny a chance to size up his potential next opponent. As of right now, it appears that Pacquiao and Cotto will fight in the fall. This is due to the fact Floyd Mayweather has postponed his July 18th fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, claiming to a rib injury. Pacquiao sees something in Cotto that he believes he can exploit and he's not alone. I ran over this fight in my mind and I could find ten reasons why Cotto might not want to make his next fight against Pacquiao.

1. Speed: Miguel has decent speed, but he's not as fast as the fiery Filipino. Cotto will have a hard time dealing with several rounds of Pacquiao’s punches constantly coming at him in barrages. Undoubtedly, even if Cotto is able to block some of Pac's punches, others will get through and with his power, they can indeed cause serious damage.

2. Intensity: Cotto has had problems with determined and intense fighters. In his only loss, Cotto was stalked and walked down by Antonio Maragarito, who scored an 11th round TKO last July. If Cotto thinks that Margarito was intense, Pacquiao may redefine intensity altogether for him. With Pacquiao‘s added speed, it’s hard to image Cotto winning a whole fight going backwards.

3. Power: Pac has amazing power for someone who started off as a minimum weight (105 lbs) and now is knocking out welterweight (147 lb.) and junior welterweight (140 lb.) opponents at the sports highest level. Cotto has been down and hurt before in more than one fight, so in my opinion Pac would be very dangerous should he land in the proper spots. No one knows yet how Pac's punches may affect Cotto, but if/when the bell rings it will be too late to reconsider.

4. Momentum: Manny Pac in the eyes of most boxing experts is the best ‘pound for pound’ fighter in the world. Millions love him as legions of new fans are added to his movement every time he fights. He has the entire Philippines behind him and if you watched 24/7, stars like Mark Walberg, Mickey Rourke, and others were all on hand during his training sessions. It would be a pro Pac atmosphere leading up to the fight, something Cotto is surely not used to.

5. Durability Cotto has been in several tough wars. He was cut badly in two of his last four bouts. He's looked tired and beat in the later rounds although he still is aware what's going on. Pac is a lot fresher of a fighter at this point in his career and because of this, would make him less likely to fade than Cotto. Clottey looked like he had Cotto almost beat. It’s likely Pacquiao would have the tools to bring Cotto that much closer to the edge.

6. The Money: Right now Bob Arum seems to be leaning toward giving Pacquiao the lion share of the money for the fight. It has been reported as high as 70 percent. Pacquiao is the bigger star and he’s looking to cash in on his popularity while he can. Considering a 30% share of the fight, Cotto should not even take the fight. But on the other hand, it will be his biggest payday yet.

7. Weight: Although Cotto moved up from junior welterweight (140 lbs) to welterweight (147), he has not fought there in some time. Pac is going to try to bring him down to 142 to even out the weight difference and make Cotto less comfortable, if not drawn and unable to fight much like Oscar De La Hoya in the fight. This plan worked well against Oscar and I’m sure Pac’s trainer, Freddie Roach won’t mind.

8. Location: It's likely that this fight will not happen in New York, but rather in Las Vegas where bigger and better accommodations could me made for the numerous high profile guests that would attend. Cotto is used to fighting at his virtual home in New York and fighting in Las Vegas may be strange for him. Simply put, Miguel would have a spot on the biggest stage, but he wouldn't be the star.

9. Cotto’s Fight To Lose: Being that Cotto is the naturally bigger man a win would certainly not mean much for him as his opponent. If he beats Pac, he's defeated a smaller fighter, who although is magnificent still may be seen by the public to be too small for the naturally bigger Cotto. If he loses to Pac, Cotto will likely have a tough road to rebuild his career, particularly if he is knocked out. It would indeed make it two knockouts in his last four bouts and undoubtedly the curtains on his career would start to squeak and close.

10. Smarter Fights Out There: Cotto arguably hasn't lost a fight, considering the plaster of Paris ordeal with Antonio Margarito. He is tough and still marketable. With this being the case, he still has quite few options for opponents who would love the opportunity to fight him as well. He can focus on becoming the linear welterweight champ by going after WBC’s Andre Berto (25-0, 19 KOs). Or he can rematch with WBA champ Shane Mosley (46-5, 39 KOs), whom he has already beaten and would likely have a solid chance of repeating given he sticks to the original game plan.

In closing, I’m not saying that I don’t want this fight to happen, or that Cotto can’t win. It will be very exciting, even more so if Cotto can pull off the upset. It’s just that the odds are seriously against him and he might want to explore what else is out there before putting it all on the line in the fall.

Source: (June 18, 2009)

Cotto: Fighting Manny Pacquiao is the pinnacle of my career

Manny Pacquiao needs to fight more often. Just my view.

Without a mark on him from his May 2 contest against Ricky Hatton, Pacquiao could have fought this summer, arguably in July or August.

Shane Mosley is a formidable opponent, but he was never really the right opponent. What would it have proved. Even before the discussions began, I always felt the skills of Pacquiao, if they are to be tested fully, would have been better measured against Miguel Cotto.

At welterweight, not light-welterweight, that is, though I understand the fight is being discussed as a catchweight contest. Pacquiao should go the whole hog and fight the Puerto Rican at 147lbs. He has it in him.

We are told by promoter Bob Arum that Nov 14 MGM Grand Garden Arena is on the cards; it could be the greatest defining moment yet for Pacquiao in his golden career. If he can defeat Cotto at welterweight, there can be no talk of victories over a potentially weight-drained Oscar De La Hoya, or a troubled Ricky Hatton.

Cotto makes no bones about it. He already believes it is “the greatest fight of my career”. Cotto knows that he will be properly tested by Pacquiao, and it promises to be one of the best fights this year, if it can be finalised.

There is also a nagging itch for another Pacquiao-Marquez fight. Over-egging it ? Not for a minute. They are both at their supreme best, and let’s see if Pacquiao can ‘box’ Marquez in a final, third, encounter…

There is a gathering school of thought that Pacquiao’s inclinations towards politics is a waste of time, and that now, in his prime as a fighter, he might consolidate his immense popularity within the thing he does best: out-thinking and out punching opponents in the ring, thrilling millions worldwide.

Every boxing fan, and indeed casual sports fan I have come across in the UK since that devastating, one-sided victory over Hatton, has a deep respect for the physical, sporting skills of the Filipino icon.

I’m still amazed by his incredible popularity. He received 21,391,818, and came twenty-second in Time Magazine’s online pole of the most influential people in the world in 2009. He received more votes than anyone else in the top 100. And only one sportsman was ahead of Pacquiao. Kobe Bryant, in ninth place.

Source: (June 18, 2009)

Miguel Cotto: "Pacquiao, The Biggest Fight of My Career"

By Mark Vester

WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto views the probable bout with Manny Pacquiao as the biggest fight of his career. Top Rank is trying to match the fighters on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Top Rank's Bob Arum held a phone conference with Cotto on Wednesday, and the two sides were able to agree on a lot of the terms. Arum will speak to Pacquiao in the coming days and hopes to reach a deal between the two fighters by the weekend.

"[Pacquiao] would be the biggest fight and greatest achievement of my career. Everything I have had in my career has been about challenges. Everything I have worked for has revolved around that and I have endeavored to reach certain achievements, and I have achieved," Cotto told Primera Hora.

Cotto doesn't plan to change his team around by dumping some of the key members. He may consider an offer by trainer Emanuel Steward to come on board.

"I am a fighter, not a mechanic. I am very happy with my team, I am very grateful for the work they have done and will continue working with them. Emanuel has always been a gentleman to me. We will do what we have to do for the welfare of our team," Cotto said.

Cotto suffered a serious cut above his left eye during last Saturday's win over Joshua Clottey. He required 21 stitches to close it up. The New York State Athletic Commission has suspended him for three months to allow the cut enough time to heal. Cotto expects to be completely healthy in time to make the November date with Pacquiao.

Source: (June 18, 2009)

The Myth of Miguel Cotto Being a Bigger Draw then Shane Mosley

I feel like I am doing the boxing version of the Discovery Channels Mythbusters. People will believe what they hear if they hear it enough. We always hear, don’t fight Sugar Shane Mosley, he isn’t a big draw. He doesn’t sell tickets…etc. I decided to do a little research and I found that yes Miguel Cotto has out sold Mosley in tickets in New York City and out East. And I also found out that yes Shane Mosley can’t sell out a fight when he fights Luis Collazo. I also found out that the 2 biggest crowds in Staples Center history involved Shane Mosley. But forget gate attractions for a second. I decided to look at PPV buys, and I was astounded by what I found. Folks it is even close, Shane Mosley’s PPV numbers are double that of Miguel Cotto. Yes, he has 2 fights with Oscar De La Hoya which inflates his numbers. But even if you take those fight out, he still out sells Miguel Cotto. I did a break down of 5 PPV events of Shane Mosley and 4 of Miguel Cotto, and like I said, numbers don’t lie my friends.

Miguel Cotto PPV

Paul Malignaggi 2006–
*Less then 150K Buys
Estimated total.

Zab Judah 2007–
*220K Buys
Estimated Total

Michael Jennings 2009
Less then 150K Buys
*Estimated Total

450K Buys
*Estimated Total

Average of 243K Buys

Mosley PPV Buys

De La Hoya I–2000
588K Buys
*Estimated Total

De La Hoya II–2003
950K Buys
*Estimated Total

Vargas I–2006
415K Buys
*Estimated Total

Vargas II-2006
350K Buys
*Estimate Total

225K Buys
*Estimated Total

330K Average without De La Hoya
505K Average with De La Hoya

I will take out the De La Hoya fights because we all know De La Hoya was the draw there. But for people who say Vargas was the draw when he fought Mosley. Remember De La Hoya-Vargas did 935K Buys and Mosley-De La Hoya II did 950K Buys. So that squashes that argument. For what it is worth Mosley-Cotto did 350K Buys. But you have to ask the question, who carried that card for PPV purposes. It was a 130K Buy increase from Cotto’s fight with Zab Judah, a 59% increase with Mosley on the card.

There is no doubt Miguel Cotto is a huge draw in New York City. He can sell tickets better then almost in any fighter in the business. But being good in a niche market doesn’t neccessary make you a bigger draw.

One more thing before I close. Shane Mosley-Antonio Margarito did a 3.9 rating, and had 1.9 million viewers compared to 1.68 million viewers for Miguel Cotto-Joshua Clottey, according to and the Nielson ratings.(HBO had a Free Preview this past weekend, thus more potential viewers) Sorry the numbers don’t lie. Shane Mosley is a bigger mainstream draw then Miguel Cotto, thus will be a bigger draw if a Pacquiao fight takes place in Las Vegas. Numbers don’t lie.

Source: (June 17, 2009)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pacquiao/Cotto Negotiations in Full Force, Deal Expected

By Mark Vester

Promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank hopes to have signed contracts from Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto by the end of the week. Arum is trying to match his two fighters for November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Even before Cotto won a decision over Joshua Clottey last Saturday, Arum met with Cotto to discuss a Pacquiao encounter.

"When Miguel was training in Tampa, I met with Miguel Cotto, his father and [attorney] Gabriel Peñagarícano to discuss the possibility of a fight with Pacquiao. They asked me for a written proposal to be sent and they made some notations that we plan to discuss [this week]," Arum said to Primera Hora.

Pacquiao gave Arum the order to get the Cotto fight made. The two discussed the fight in New York during Pacquiao's recent trip to the East Coast. Pacquiao attended the Boxing Writers Awards Dinner last Friday and sat ringside the following night for Cotto's win over Clottey in Madison Square Garden. Arum sat down with Pacquiao at his hotel to discuss a Cotto encounter.

"[Manny] gave me the green light to try to reach an agreement with Miguel. So it's ideal that by the end of this week we could make all of the details. Both boxers are part of Top Rank and my interest is making money, "Arum said.

As far as Emanuel Steward coming on board in Cotto's corner, Arum was contatced by Steward but told the hall-of-fame trainer to contact Cotto directly.

"I told him to talk to Cotto, Miguel's father, and Peñagarícano on the matter. I do not want to intervene in this matter, since it's a decision for Cotto to make, " Arum said.

Source: (June 18, 2009)


Tungod, Inabanga, Bohol – In light of recent events involving future matchup prospects for the reigning pound for pound king Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao of the Philippines, a noteworthy topic has noticeably surfaced. Here, we are going to discuss the issue on “catchweight”, a scorching hot issue that has yet become the main subject of debates among boxing buffs, pundits and fans alike.

An article by the esteemed writer Juan Angel Zurita of suggested that by seeking for a catchweight if and when Pacquiao challenges Cotto, Mosley or whomever for a welterweight title, the fire-breathing Pinoy boxing genius should also be subjected to the same criticism accorded to “Golden-Pretty Boys” tandem of Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for conning previous opponents in to make concessions, which perceivably gave them an advantage in those bouts.

While this writer respects Zurita’s take on this issue, still, the Filipino idol’s case cannot be likened to those of the “Golden-Pretty Boys” for the mere fact that the 4-division lineal world champion (112lbs, 126lbs, 130 lbs, and 140lbs) and 6-time alphabet soup champ in as many divisions (112lbs, 122lbs, 126lbs, 130lbs, 135lbs, and 140lbs) Pacquiao isn’t doing this to gain a perceivable advantage, but rather, to create a level playing field.

Size-difference is the main issue being fought for by Pacquiao and his team. By no means should a smaller guy be criticized for fighting a bigger guy. The “Golden-Pretty Boys” were carped because their cases were the exact opposite… or even worse, since they never compromised at a catchweight to compensate for the size advantage that they had over their smaller foes.

Instead of condemnation, Pacquiao ought to be commended for taking on the challenges that the self-proclaimed best fighter Mayweather Jr., who is a legitimate welterweight, should be taking himself. Whether he admits it or not, Mayweather wants no part of Mosley and/or Cotto. Pacquiao, on the other hand, relishes at the thought of sharing the squared circle with these fellow ring warriors, notwithstanding the apparent size disadvantage he’ll need to overcome.

One might cite and question the legitimacy of staking a welterweight title at a “catchweight”. However, let us first be clear here that there is no existing rule in any sanctioning organization (at least to my knowledge) that prohibits it for as long as it is within the stipulated welterweight range. The “catchweight” concept is really more of an agreement between honorable men who are willing to compromise to ensure a fair confrontation. This is after all a professional sport. Dignity, honor and sportsmanship are vital traits that a professional athlete should possess.

This is not an issue of legitimacy. At the end of the day, people don’t really care about the title, its legitimacy, or how much money these guys are getting. These are just far, fleeting issues. People will not talk about it that much… they would perhaps talk a lot more about how the pugilistic showdown transpired in terms of the level of excitement, the intensity of action, and how brave and courageous the ring combatants were. That’s really all that matters… at least to an average fan.

Now, let’s go back to the posed question above. Does Pacquiao deserve to be criticized for negotiating for a “catchweight”? You be the judge…

Source: (June 17, 2009)

5 Reasons Why Manny Pacquiao would beat Miguel Cotto

Top Rank Promoter, Bob Arum, has recently stated that he is working on a match up between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto. The terms are not yet agreed upon, but its possible that the fight can happen as early as Nov. 14th. Assuming the fight is made, here are 5 reasons why Pacquiao would be victorious over Cotto.

Speed – Its an old boxing adage that “speed kills” and right now no one has more speed than Manny Pacquiao. Its not just that Manny is fast with his hands, but as seen in his match with Oscar De La Hoya, he also has fast feet. Cotto was able to keep up with Shane Mosley’s hands, but doesn’t have the quickest pair of feet in town. He is often caught against the ropes and that would play right into Pacquiao’s speedy hands.

Wear and Tear – Cotto took a brutal beating against Antonio Margarito and even though he got by Joshua Clottey, he still showed signs of weariness in the later rounds. That would be a sure fire way to lose against a top conditioned athlete like Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao would apply relentless pressure that Clottey was unable to do to finish the job. Cotto also backed away in the later rounds against Shane Mosley, if he does this against Pac-man its lights out!

Chin – Cotto was knocked down several times at 140 pounds and one of the main reasons he moved up was that it gave him more strength to take a punch. If he comes back down to 143 pounds to face Pacquiao, some of that weakness may resurface. Meanwhile Pacquiao hasn’t been stopped in over ten years and has a proven ability to take a punch.

Skills – Since Manny’s loss to Eric Morales several years ago, he has improved significantly. He has learned to knock opponents down with either hand whereas before he relied heavily on the straight left hand. Cotto has great skills but has shown vulnerability when faced against a pressure fighter. This lack of ability could be a major factor in the fight.

Trainer – many casual boxing fans don’t seem to realize the importance of a good trainer. However it’s the trainer that sets up the game plan and studies the opponent’s flaws for months before the fight takes place. Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, earned his second Trainer Of the Year award for the two perfect game plans against Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton. On the other hand, Miguel Cotto has had much turmoil in his camp and split ways with his long time trainer just before the fight with Joshua Clottey. Will Cotto’s camp be able to put together a strategy like Freddie Roach? The answer is most likely a resounding No.

Source: (June 16, 2009)