Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fans early predictions Pacquiao will crush Cotto

BY: Albert Alvarez

Al, my man Pacquiao will crush your man Cotto in like 3 or 4 rounds. Easy fight for Manny. Too easy. Too much speed, Too much heart, too much power, just too much for Cotto. The Pacquiao Storm is the true welter weight Champion of the world. Eric Riverside, CA

So Pacquiao will knock Cotto out silly before the fifth round, is that right Eric? Really? Oh and Pacquiao is also the true welter weight champ, how is that so? When he only fought there once and that was only because he would be facing the real Cash Cow, Oscar De La Hoya. I love Pacquiao's style, I mean he is refreshing, he comes to fight, he is entertaining, is guts and heart, but you nor him can call Pacquiao welter weight champ of nothing. First you must fight and make weight at 147 and not drain your opponents to the bone by forcing them to fight at a lower weight that they are not accustomed to no longer making. I got to say that if Pacquiao/Cotto were to happen now, from what I have been hearing it would seem to me that Cotto would be a huge underdog in the fight. Here is some food for thought, if Pacquiao/Cotto were taking place at 147 how many still believe that Cotto would still be a huge underdog? If it were taking place at 147, I feel that the fight would be a little more even at the betting tables, it would be possible that Cotto may even have a slight edge. I got to tell you that at 143, it's Pacquiao all the way. At 144, it's Pacquiao's fight. At 145, assuming that Cotto can make the weight, it would be a close fight with the faster Pacquiao using the same plan he used against Oscar, the in and out assault, but in the end this time Pacquiao would know that he had just been in a real fight. At 146 or 147, I would take Cotto over Pacquiao. The Boriqua Bomber would use just enough movement and body work to cave in the Pacquiao Storm. One may ask, how will Cotto react when he gets hit flush by Pacquiao? Well, Cotto has already been hit by Ricardo Torres, Randal Bailey, Judah, Mosley, Margarito, and Clottey, minus the Margarito fight, Cotto survived all that. Now ask yourself this, how would the Pac Monster react when he gets hit flush by someone like Cotto? How would Pacquiao react to a Cotto brutal body shot? I think Freddie already knows the answer to those questions, which is why they want to have Cotto come in at a lower weight to take some of that power away.

Yo Albert, Bro come on now why no mention of Craig Mcewan on your young lions list? I agree with Andy Lee not being on the list since he got his ass handed to him by Vera, but Craig belongs on that list. Dennis B.

Dennis, When putting my list together, Craig did come to mind for a split second. Craig is a big guy that loves to get in there, what's not to like about that. Truth is that I don't feel that at this time he belongs on my list. My brother and I met and talked to Craig and Freddie Roach when they had a couple fights down in Tucson and I got to tell you that I really like Craig. Craig at the time mentioned to me how he realizes that he is very raw but under Roach he will get it together. To me at this particular time, Craig is still raw, he paws with his jab at times, he doesn't fully commit to that stiff jab of his. Let me ask you this, who wins right now between McEwan and Andy Lee?

Que pasa Pana, hey man I love that you put my boy Lara on that list. He will be the future of the sport. I am Cuban and I am not just saying that cause Lara is also Cuban. I say it because he is a force and you can already see it. I am glad to hear that you also see the same vision that I do for Lara. Temo Rodriguez

Hey Temo, I see your vision and I believe. Erislandy Lara is right up there with the Juan Manuel Lopez's, Jorge Linares's, and the Victor Ortiz's of my world. I was looking forward to watching Lara tonight on Friday night fights, not sure if you know or not but Luis DeCubas Jr. is telling me that Lara could not get his Visa in on time so he will not be fighting tonight. Well at least we get to see another guy that made my list, Daniel Jacobs.

Albert, on you hungry list, if you had to pair up one big fight between just those guys on your list who would it be? For me it would be Kirkland and Angulo. David, Las Cruses

David, Kirkland vs. Angulo would be very nice, but that fight may have lost some juice to it now that Angulo has a loss on his record. Seeing that fight between Angulo and Cintron made me see why Shaw wanted no part of the boxer defensive minded first , Ishe Smith. I am pretty sure that Angulo was not at his very best that night, and when you are not at your best and you are fighting a guy who fought at his best, well you know that you are in for a long tough fight. The fight for me would be Erislandy Lara vs. Fernando Guerrero. Dynamite in a ring.

Source: (June 28, 2009)

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