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Sugar Shane Mosley Interview—Manny Pacquiao will Make More Money Fighting Me!
Just as it seems like Miguel Cotto may get a shot at the great Manny Pacquiao. I wanted to speak to Sugar Shane Mosley, to get his take on that probable fight and also his potential showdown with Manny Pacquiao. Let it be known here, after speaking to Shane I realized that this fight to him wouldn’t be about money. (He discussed his portfolio with me, lets just say he will be fine regardless if he gets the Pacquiao fight) A fight with Pacquiao would be about legacy, then fans, and the people. Even though a fight may now be unlikely. Mosley, ever the fighter is not giving up, and he promises a fight with him will provide more money to Manny Pacquiao, and he says, “It is a no lose fight for him.” Answers are in bold.

Shane, how are you doing?

Mosley: I am doing well, just driving right now headed to a workout.

I heard you are a big Laker fan, did you get to see any of NBA Finals games at all?

Mosley: No I didn’t, I just watched. But I was happy to see Kobe and them win.

Now back to boxing, what are your thoughts about Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao? It seems to be a done deal almost?

Mosley: The fight does not make any sense to me. A fight with me will make more money. I know there have been numbers going on out there like Cotto making 5 or 6 million and Manny making 10,11 or 12. But in a fight with me, he will make more money. Bob Arum is being the puppet master putting this together, but Manny will make more money fighting me.

And why fight Cotto. He almost lost to Joshua Clottey. It was a fight that he easily could have lost. Cotto ran around the ring in the last few rounds. The fight with Cotto is not the best fight for boxing or fight fight fans, or Manny Pacquiao fans. It is the best fight for Bob Arum. Even if you look at Cotto’s gash, do you think it will heal in time? It might just open up again if he fights Pacquiao. The fans need to know that the best and biggest fight in boxing right now is with me.

There has been talk of a catchweight of 144 for Cotto, ironically the weight you disclosed a few weeks ago? Could you come down more?

Mosley: I am trying to make the fight happen. I threw a bone out to Pacquiao saying I would fight him at 144. I am the Welterweight Champion of the World, Cotto isn’t. I am the former Pound for Pound champion, Cotto isn’t. Pacquiao is the pound for champion. We should be fighting. Bob Arum is not letting this happen.

But would you fight him at say 143?

Mosley: You now what, it doesn’t matter, let’s say I say 143. Then Cotto will do 143, and then 142 and so on. It is a fight for the Welterweight championship, not the Jr. Welterweight championship.

I just can’t see how a guy who barely won, and a lot of people think he lost. I am one of them. Who gets a chance to fight Manny Pacquiao. I earned this fight.

Now back to this money thing. You are telling me that Manny Pacquiao will make more money fighting you, how so?

Mosley: It is a bigger fight. So there is more money out there. I am more well known then Miguel Cotto. You saw all the celebrities at my last fight. Yes there were a lot of fans out were there to see Margarito, but the celebrities were there to see me, because I am a legendary fighter. I shocked the world that night….I have been on more pay per views.

What do you say to people who say you are fighting for the money. And that that is only reason why you want to fight Pacquiao.

Mosley: I don’t need the money. I have money. Yes the money is nice. But I want to fight the biggest fights for the fans. The legacy fights. When I started fighting pro, I was fighting for $1,000, $2,000, but I didn’t care because I knew one day I would be world champion and my time would come. I love the sport, you can ask anybody. I love going to gym and sparring. I love what I do.

You spoke to Freddie Roach didn’t you about this fight possibly? Eloborate.

Mosley: Yes I talked to Freddie Roach before the Hatton fight. And he said he would rather have Pacquiao fight me because it is the best fight money wise and action wise. Manny would fight me at 147, but Freddie said I would have to come down a little. But he knows that fighting me is a much bigger fight then Cotto. There are 3 pound for pound champions, I used to be, Floyd(Mayweather Jr.) used to be. And Manny is now. I just want Bob Arum to stop lieing to Manny and the public. Manny Pacquiao versus me is a much bigger fight then Cotto.

Before Manny signs on the dotted line with Cotto, what would you say to him and his advisors?

Mosley: Do the right thing Manny. Fight the best fight for the fans, and the best fight for your legacy. You have nothing to lose by fighting me. There will be more prestige in fighting me then Cotto. I will enhance your legacy. Whatever Bob Arum money can offer you, I can offer more and then some.

Manny and me are the same. We will fight anybody. If he were to lose to me, I would give him a rematch. That is what I do, I am a fighter. I fought guys nobody would fight, Vernon Forrest, and Winky Wright. That is the same with Manny. You have every thing to gain by fighting me. It is a no lose situation.

In closing, what about a Thrilla in Manilla II? Would you fight him there?

Mosley: I would probably do something crazy like that. I would train in Big Bear though before I went. I don’t think I could train out there. The Philippines and the fans there are great and they love boxing.

Thanks Shane

Thank You.

Source: (June 19, 2009)

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